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Londrelle - The Feels lyrics

Haven't they told you
That love can be naive instead of blind
But regardless of what you're going through
You have to believe in better times

I know you at a point that you want to settle down
So you pray that things happen to work
But sometimes you have to put your pride aside
And put your happiness first

You do realize that every relationship comes with a price to pay?
What if you stayed and threw the rest of your life away?
How many chances have you given them
To get it right today?

How many tears have you had to wipe away to hide your pain?
Is your destination really worth your drive insane?

If you're really looking for love you should turn inside
And if you decided to let go you would learn to fly

See there' no such thing as the perfect time
I know it hurts sometimes but you have to understand
Some things just aren't worth your time

On the road to happiness there is no destination
And everybody that hurt you will fade with time and separation

Life is poetic justice
It's like the more you get hurt
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The more you love it

But when you learn to love yourself
You can climb any height
And every moment will feel like the time of your life


So tell me how many times are you willing to be hurt?
How many more years can you live in slow motion or reverse
Let today be the day you say I've decided to put me first

You have to know your worth
And fulfill your dreams inside
I mean even a bird knows it has wings to fly

And even though things seem to die
We're always given a second life
A chance to invest in yourself is worth the sacrifice
I promise without them you can live a happy life

Life is way to precious to be trippin' over ex's
Because as soon as you open that door
You're going to remember why you exited it

There's a big difference between I want you and I need you
Because if they really wanted you
They would have did the things they needed to
To keep you


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