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Loggins and Messina - Trilogy: Peace of Mind lyrics

Ain't no use to keep taking abuse
From a friend who isn't kind
A friend in need or a friend that you need
Who can help you through the troubled times
So reach on out and take a hold of my hand
And let me know that your ready to go
There ain't no dues and you can leave your blues behind

And have a little peace peace of mind
Give me some peace, Peace of Mind

There comes a time when your friends go blind
And thier words become diseased
They threaten your life with the blade of a knife
And set you down upon your needs
Make no mistake for your very own sake
Heres a little word for now
Take off your shoes and let your thoughts be kind
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And have a little peace, peace of mind
Peace Peace of Mind... make us feel better

Some folks you find speak a mighty good line
They charm you all the way
They take you along on a sweet sweet song
Then they steal your heart away
But blessed be the one who can understand why
People have to act that way
Cause if I knew I wouldn't even want to say

But have a little peace, peace of mind
Give me some peace, Peace of Mind

Everybody wants Peace, Peace of mind
Peace Peace of mind

All we need is some... Peace

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