All Locksmith Songs

Songs In album
10KONDRMS Lofty Goals
2010 Wake Up Show Anthem -
A-1, Anilyst, Locksmith -
Advice to My Younger Self* -
Agenda * Olive Branch
American Beauty Lofty Goals
Angels & demons -
Archaic freestyle -
Bare With Me -
Be Free The Green Box
Bear With Me The Green Box
Between the Raindrops* -
Black Hole The Lock Sessions
Blinded Lofty Goals
Block Island Sound -
Boxes Lofty Goals
Burn -
Cali Still A3C Volume 3
Careful Lofty Goals
Chief Justice, Actual Proof, Locksmith -
Clouds -
Cypher * -
Dear America 2015 -
Devil's La**o Labyrith
Do Yourself -
Epic The Lock Sessions
Everything -
Everything (The Green Box Intro) The Green Box
f** Love The Green Box
f** With Nobody -
f**in' Idols A Thousand Cuts
Fallen -
Fantasy World -
Finish Line The Green Box
Fleming St The Green Box
Fleming Street The Green Box
For Now Lofty Goals
Free A Thousand Cuts
Freestyle on Shade 45 w/ Kay Slay -
Go There * The Lock Sessions
Going Numb Embedded
Grime The Lock Sessions
Hardest Song Ever A Thousand Cuts
Helpless -
Hip Hop A Thousand Cuts
Home Olive Branch
House Of Games 2 A Thousand Cuts
House Of Games freestyle -
Hype (Remix) * -
I O U A Thousand Cuts
Illuminati Labyrith
Imperfect A Thousand Cuts
In My Element* -
Infinity -
Jaded A Thousand Cuts
Just Ask* -
k**in My Soul -
Koolio The Lock Sessions
Lessons Lofty Goals
Litmus* -
Little Bunny Rabbit track 9 on Labyrith
Livin' Loaded The Green Box
Lockbuster -
Locksmith vs Dizaster -
Locksmith, Cyhi The Prynce | Cypher -
Love vs Lust The Green Box
Mad World I Am Lock
Metabolic -
Much More The Green Box
Much More (The Green Box) The Green Box
New b**h The Green Box
No Manners The Lock Sessions
No Question* -
No Rules The Lock Sessions
No Way Olive Branch
Nobody Olive Branch
Norman Bates -
Now You Know -
Nowhere The Lock Sessions
Olive Branch Olive Branch
On my own Track 5 on Labyrith
Open Doors Lofty Goals
Outta Reach Labyrith
PAST The Lock Sessions
Plot Line Lofty Goals
Polarity -
RapFix 2013 Year-End Cypher -
Rare Form Rare Form-EP
Rich -
Roll Call 2 -
S-K-I-B-E-A-T-Z -
Sanity Olive Branch
Slight Disgust Labyrinth
Slow Down* -
Stand It The Green Box
Stars -
Suicide Squad -
Sure As Can Be Lofty Goals
Tec In The Church -
Tell Me sh** Lofty Goals
The Grand Finale 2021* -
The Know A Thousand Cuts
The Love Lofty Goals
The Margin Olive Branch
The One Olive Branch
This Is My Culture* -
Time Goes -
Transitions The Green Box
Wake Up* -
What is It? -
Who I Am A Thousand Cuts
Why You Always Hatin (Remix) * -
Why You Leave A Thousand Cuts
Willie Lynch A Thousand Cuts
You Never Know The Green Box
Your Loss A Thousand Cuts