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Little T - Who You Are lyrics

Sophie yes, we know who you are
Sophie yeah, you're really not hard
Sophie yeah, you're gonna get parred

[Verse 1]
Sophie, we know who you are
You're that girl who copies my bars
You're that girl who is a retard
Look at your makeup, look at your clothes
By the way that you got a big nose
In your profile picture what the f**'s that pose
When I see your brother he'd better get on toes
Cos I'm gonna give him some sick blows right to the nose

Yes, Sophie, we know who you are
Sophie, yeah, you're gonna get parred
Sophie, yes, we know who you are
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[Verse 2]
Why's this girl, yeah, trying to spit
BG Media, I run that sh**
Lyrically spun that f**ing
I bet you got hair, under your armpits, look
Yes, you're not the boys
Finished with CallyMan, play with your toys
Yes, starving Marvin, that's what you are
Come round here, you'll get lyrically parred
Link me now, link me later
All that money, better get that paper f**ed it waste up now I'm gonna be a street educator

Sophie yeah
Remember when you wanted to get on a track with me?
Are you mental? (Laughs)
Yeah, I'm done now, yeah

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