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Little T - #STOPBULLYING lyrics

Little T
Yeah, stop bullying yeah
It's really not nice
Yo, shouting out Harry McCabe yeah

I was scrolling through Facebook
Saw a kid that was getting beat up
And she only looked about 11, how could you do that?
Hit her in the face when you had about 20 at the back
Been bullied and I know what it's like
That feeling inside
That sh** in your mind
I wish I could turn back time when it all were fine

Yeah and all that sh**
Getting bullied for not the right hair
And not the right kit
And not being fit
And these kids walking 'round with guns and knives and it ain't right
Bully on kids because they can't fight
They walk around in the dark night
And see that car with the bright light
Scared cause the bullies aren't nice
Her parents don't believe her they think she's out of her mind
Come to Blackpool and you will see
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We've got the Blackpool tower, the sun, the sand and the sea
If it wasn't for my fans yeah I wouldn't be me
My slang word is Little T
Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Yo, yeah
And the stars so bright
Not saying that we do not fight
People saying that my grime's not nice
But I'm getting filmed by Noisey and Vice

And it's hard to be me
People like 'can I get a little pic with Little T?'
'Can I get a pic with Little T?'
All these people sending for me
You're not worth my time
You're not worth of thinking the bars in my mind
Gotta be cruel to be kind,just like my nan and shes blind
Yo, look, and yeah, yeah

Why do you bully them just for a little bit of rep
Why do you bully them just for a little bit of rep
Yeah, but when the rep's gone
You're going to have no friends
You're going to have no one
Stop bullying, yeah
Little Tllyin

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