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Little T - Road Rage (Freestyle) lyrics

Yo, yes, light the bifta
I'm gonna rape your little sister
Fried chicken licking
I'm gonna give her a kicking
Yo, yes, my name's called Tate
Har dar dar with your head off a gate [?]
Might be a bimbo, put your head through a window
That's why we have beef
Yes, calm down with your bars
Talk about my mum, talk about yours
Yo, who's a bullsh** that perv
Your mum look like an ape from Planet the Earth

Um, yeah, I'm going in, haha

James, think you're a gypsy, don't get lippy
You will get drop kick, it'll be easy
sh** scared of Reece Lindsay
Listens to Bimbi, how embarra**ing
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Brother so fat, can't do a marathon

Marco you will get sparko
Your mum's on crack, you look like your mum's mac
Yo, your mum is a fiend
You s** your dad off while your ma flicks her bean
Yo, think you're big?
You will get dropped yeah, straight in a dig
Crying all over the floor
Imagrety I'm war [?]
Everybody knows your mum is a whore
Getting round Piccadilly looking for willy
Punters pull up and say 'don't be silly'

I am 12, it's my time to shine
Shut your mouth or I'll break your mum's spine
Snap a leg like a twig
Rob a car like I'm something out of Stig [?]

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