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Little T - Only When It Rains lyrics

Beautiful things about it

Doctor [Incomprehensible] told me my cuts were minor
Wish I could laugh it off
Put my thoughts and myself behind it
And just pass it off, pass it off

Like another time like our first kiss
The wrong thing to do with both of our lips
I missed the twist
Is this a chance to love or a chance to reminisce?

About the days when we patiently waited
In the hope that our love could stay separated
Is our nice moved on edge or is it serrated?
It would have been easier if you could have hated

Me for sayin' sorry or whatever I said
And told me to get out instead of comin' to bed
I know that you love me
But don't do something that you'll regret

We have to fall apart
Before we can get back together or whatever
There ain't no forecast
'Cause there's no storm to weather

The beautiful things about it
The beautiful, beautiful
The beautiful things about it

Oh, doctor please help me I'm dyin'
My eyes are dried up but I ain't finished cryin'
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And I'm lyin' in the night made of stomach pain
And my left knee hurts but only when it rains

And the concrete that beats at the back of my shoes
Brings no relief it just sings me the blues
Leaves me in the street with the rest of the fools
Harden my hand thinkin' of you

No one to see and nothin' to do
And if you leave out the co I'll be dependent on you
Come around for a while and pick me up with a smile
And we'll talk for a minute or two
Or three or four, or three or four

So the next time I go to the doctor
I'll get a new heart so I won't have to bother
With the beatings I'm taking from this one

And the next time my eyes fill with water
I won't be a broken relationship martyr
Who's dying to get to the next one

And the day that we're finally ready
To be steadily going but not going steady
Is the day that we'll both be fulfilled

And though being alone might be deadly
I'd rather be lonely than have you forget me
'Cause then I'd just want to be killed

Oh, doctor please help me I'm dyin'
My eyes are dried up but I'm not finished cryin'
And I'm lyin' in the night made of stomach pain

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