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Little T - Never Be (Millie B Send) lyrics

Yo, Little T
Send for Millie B, yeah
This is a proper one, yeah
Yo, look

Yo Millie B
We all know that you wanna be me
We all know that you wanna be me
But you're never gonna be Little T
You're never gonna be Little T
Yo, look

Yo fam, and I've told you before
If it's war then it's war
Bring your boys, I'll bring ten times more
Wait a minute, just pause
I'm Little T, I'm gonna go on tours
You got banged out, outside your own door
You was like why, what for?
I'm up there, you're down there on the floor
Little T, yeah that's what I'm called
Yo fam, yeah you would have been told
Yeah, yeah don't start testing
All these kids yeah, sending for me
Yeah, they're just messing
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Fuck it, pull out the blade
Pull out the intestines, yo
Yeah I wanna do grime, yeah I get paid
Fuck it, pull out the blade
Give you a quick fade
Yeah, your mum, she lives off ibuprofen
My family, I would die for them
I'll die for them, I'll die for them
Yo, look

Yo fam, I'll terror you
I'll put you in the back of a Toyota
Yeah, take you somewhere where they cannot hear you
Yo fam, yeah I do not fear you
It's not my fault that I am banging your big sister
Come to Blackpool and I might just link you
If I see you on roads I will kill you

Yeah, you'll never defeat me
My bars like a masterpiece, Leonardo Da Vinci
Yo, Leonardo Da Vinci, yeah
You are a slag, you want every lad, yo
Yeah you are a hoe, you like swallow
But not blow, yo, err

When I do grime you can't compare
People say 'yeah sending for her, yeah that's unfair'
Fuck it, I don't care

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