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Little T - Chit-Chat (Soph Aspin Reply) lyrics

Little T
Send for Sophie Aspin, yeah
Back with a bang, yeah I'm back with a bang
2016, yo
Why's this girl keep sending for me
Why's this girl keep sending for me
Why's this girl keep sending for me
Why's this girl keep sending for me

[Verse 1]
Sophie yeah you look like a man
Say sh** about my mum, yeah
I knew it was your plan
Nobody likes you, not even Afghan
Your mum is deaf
How the f** did she pa** her driving test
That sh** f**ed up that's it's a mess
Gonna get parred by Aspin's bars
So I'm gonna get parred by Aspin's bars
Put your nanny in an arm bar
Finish her, might feed her a Mars bar
Yeah and I saw your mum last week
And she looked so peak
Saw your dad and he was like what
Put him out yeah, clean on the spot
Saw you in Maccies and I asked you to clash
Why did you run so fast
Yeah, I'm like a one-man soldier
The war has begun, never gonna be over
Keep sending and replying till I'm older
'Till I'm lying like 6 feet under in a coma
Yeah, yo
Yo, yeah

[Verse 2]
Yeah you won't be missed
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Like Tommy Crate I'm taking a piss
Yeah, so you wanna go fist to fist
When I'm finished with you yeah, you're gonna have a cast
Run to your brother like a flash
Who's this guy in the mask
Is this grime sh**
Is it gonna last
Used to be a little sh**, that's in the past
When I see your boy yeah you'd better run fast
Starved my mum but now I'm making my task
f** the haters yeah they will pay
Say that I'm sh** but that's what they say
Say I'm the most cringiest kid
Come to your house with twelve of my kids
Murder this kid
You're just a YouTuber
You're just a flid, yeah
Stop with your chit chat
Head looks like a tic tac
Don't know anything about my life is
Yeah, got plans like ISIS
And it might be my miss
Come to your boys we are flying fish
Yeah I am mean, chop you up like Wolverine
Yeah, just take a toke
Oh my god I just parred the Hulk

Yeah, bang!
Yo, yeah
Shouting out my mum
Shouting out Auntie Boppie yeah
Shouting out Jonathan
Shouting out James, shouting out Jordan
Shouting out Clare
Shouting out her kids
Adam Taylor, other Taylor

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