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Little T - Afghan Business lyrics


Yo, Dylan Brewer yeh
Big up Josh
Shout out Pickering
f** Afghan
Freestyle business..

[Verse 1: Dylan Brewer]

Yo Afghan Dan ain't no mad man
Me and Little T gonna rush his nan
Yo sol, tell this guy, who's this gimp with a wonky eye
I don't know but his lips are dry
He's so black, he's so white
That's so f**ed but it ain't no lie
I rep Brunswick till I die
That's how it is, That's how it is
Why have you got kids in your vids?
Dirty pedo that's what it is,
Bothered in pen, that's what it is
What, what what
Danny Martin will get licked straight on the spot
Thinks he sick but we know he's not
Bullied in pen, that's whats what
Dirty prick with the afro top,
Stuff going on like he got bare gwop
If you did them man would get robbed
Why are you trying to spit like socks
And you belong in Fleetwood Docks
And your dad's got a corner shop
And your mum is blazing gwop
She is white but you are not
She is white but you are black
That don't make sense, #mismatch

[Verse 2: Little T]

(Yeah Afghan Dan f** you yeah)
(Look.. yo..)
If you believe in Jesus i'll crucify
I'll get a pencil and stick it in your eye
When I see you it's gonna be like a drive by
Look, wanna clash me?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Might have to torture this n***a
This guy thinks he's big cause he's got a bit of sqilla
But when it come to grime yeah i'll be the winner
Illa, if you know the levels you ain't got the flows,
When I see you i'm like: "What are those?"
Snake, that's what you are
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Put a brick, straight for your mum's car
Don't wanna get strummer
Me and your mum, under the covers,
f** all of your brothers, yeh, they can't compare
Me and your mum gettin' lyrically charred
Lyrically hard, that you know the b**h is gonna get par'd
PPE, PPN, you got bullied when you was in pen

[Verse 3: Dylan Brewer]

(Yo yeh listen yeah)
Yo orphan kid, that's what he is
Your dad raped you as a kid
Pay your debts you f**ing dib
I'm gonna see you you're gonna slip and f** Rico I do not skip
Don't give f** am not no tit
Any more cheek and shag your sis
I'm going deep so deep like this
Deep, so deep, your mum is a straight up freak,
You was on your knees
You was like "[?] don't do it please"
But no, how could you do that?
Violated and [?] is flat,
Hit with a toaster, bat bat bat
And we know your a rat rat rat
Coming at me like dat dat dat
But no, how can he do that
Spitting them bars like he's got a gat
Your kid is white no your not the dad
Like bam, bam bam,
I'll come for Afghan Dan
Me and Steevo, me and Steevo gonna go through your nan,
Bam, bam bam
Who is Afghan Dan?
You saw Steevo and you ran
You went Pickering and you ran
And your mum calls me the magic man
Abra cadabra, abra cadam
I'm in your mum, she gets [?],
Dirty b**h [?]
Bang, your not devil man
Bro, I never knew you sang
Bro, your mum's in the dam
[?] in the pedo gang
What you doing with a pedo fam
(Right f** Afghan yeah)
(Just seen you on the [?] then)
(Getting arrested, stripped naked)
(f**ing nonce..)

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