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Lilianna Wilde - Tell Me lyrics

[Verse 1]
When do we fall in line
Anybody got a sign
Cuz all this night has been
Is just a waste of everybody's time
I'm too old for this, but
I'm too young to feel like this
So tell me where we go
Tell me where we go
From here
Does anybody know?
Tell me where we go
From here


[Verse 2]
Go tell your friends I'm crazy
But they in my DM lately
Ever since we broke up
They hit me up like trynna fuck
And you look really stupid
With all your dumb excuses
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Cuz everybody knows why
I left you right
Cuz I ain't dealing with
That business on the side
I ain't no ride or die unless you treat
Me good and treat me right, so
Imma keep my mouth closed
Imma take the high road
I ain't gonna stoop that low
To the level that you'd like to go


[Verse 3]
Going round in circles
Expecting things to change
But nothing different, no new outcome
Definition of insane
We keep going round in circles
Tell me where we go from here
Are we ever in the clear?
Do we end up right back here?
Where to we go?
Where do we go from here?

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