Internet thug

Internet thug lyrics


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Glock on my hip when I ride I might slide by Don't give a f** about a kid we doing drive by's Connected with your b**h like my name was lil wifi Now I'm on her tv so she call me lil Sci-Fi Push up in that Benz all black with the blue tint He don't got a plan so I mapped up with the blueprint I'm f**ing any b**h yeah a n***a could get used to this A thousand on some jeans yeah a n***a with the foolish sh** I ain't f** with jail cause the sh** was hella cold I can't stand a f**ing snitch imma beat whoever told Told my ex i was over her I ain't f**ing you no more And she acting kinda bold now she front seat at the shows Blueberry, cherry, raspberry, smoothie be the seats Candy paint canary yellow if a n***a want the heat I really ain't shaking hands what your friendship do to me If a n***a want some smoke then we pop him like some grease Counting bands on a n***a cause lil candy bout his cheese I'll drench your whole team so they call me lemon squeeze Give a f** about the cops OCA about they bread We'll leave a n***a dead if he talking to the feds If you wake up in the morning and you feeling kinda fresh Just play this f**ing song and I bet you'll count some bread f** that b**h on twitter she ain't really doing sh** She ain't really counting up cause she steady on my dick (Aye)

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