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Lil Yola - Dem Haterz lyrics

Lil Yola, you already know, self-made ATM.
A whole lot. [Verse 1]
See I don't know what ya'll been told
But I gotta get-get me a big bank roll
Yes a fat bag of that sticky in some bad azz hoes
So when I step out on the scene s**as already know
To start hatin', start talkin' about my clothes
You see I'm pimped out come try and knock me for my hoes
I'm a real n***a, so I ain't buy no eddie gold
I ain't gon' trick out with that b**h and ain't gon hang around my folks
I'ma get money n***a, so f** it I'll kick some doors
Hit the block like the sun, and get rid of all the snow
You can call me a don, 'cause of the way I flow
I'm a good role model, just look at me as pro
Yes itz gutta raised net, so itz gutta 'til I die
Those s**as hate me, you can see it in they eyez
When I come around they frown, then wanna dap me down
But when I leave, them bastards talk about me like a clown
But I don't give a f**! [Hook]
[in the background, repeated until end of hook: I don't give a f**, n***a]
I ain't gon' give up, no I ain't gon' let up
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No I ain't gon' shuddup
And ain't gon' never let them haterz get to me
Oh, no-no, they'll never get to me
I ain't gon' let up, no I ain't gon' shudup
No I ain't gon' give up
And ain't gon' never let them haterz get to me
Oh, no-no, they'll never get to me [Verse 2]
I just don't give a f**, 'cause i'm all out wit it
The game ain't done maine, itz just the n***as in it
You can't even wear a jersey, they try to peep ya tags
Can't smoke a blunt of kush, 'cause you 'round too many krabs
n***as get yaself together, go give ya brain a bath
Go to church, start listenin' and get on the right path
Stunted on ya, ya stunted wrong ya get it in ya or get gone
Live fake, you'll die fake, that's just the way it goes
I'ma gangsta, young n***a, so I keep my mouth close
My ears and eyes open, so I can focus on the sh** around me
I know they gon' down me, but all I wonder is why in the f** do they come around me
I gotta say down, I'ma shine like a light, stunt on all these cock roaches
Whether I'm wrong or if I'm right, n***a
Hey! I get money, that's something I like to do
You say mutherf** me, naw mutherf** you
'cause I don't give a f**!

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