Lil Wayne - Bloody Mary lyrics

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Lil Wayne - Bloody Mary lyrics

[Intro] Imma be alright because Dizzy here awhile, yeah! (Verse 1: Juelz Santana) Uh, ok, time to make my malt I gave 'em a head start Now I'm on my Nicki sh**, I don't want no, Fraud Tryna' raise the bar, grabbin' like I pa**ed the bar You would think I'm ridin' bikes by the way I handlebars New n***a in charge, it's a new n***a in charge Poppin' all these blue I might turn into an avatar They ain't wanna see me back, he's back Human cracking the flesh, sorry I had to relapse These n***as weed whack, I twist 'em like weed reps Still on my nino brown Still getting G-money on G pecks Those stunner man bussin' like dollar man, it's evident These hoes love me, they say my dick is they medicine Cosby spikin' gelatin, still pushin' and peddling Settling never I'm like DiCaprio in the Revenant Still whippin' and stretchin' it 2Pac Ambidextrous I'm a beast, a dog, I see that money I'm catching it You hoe throwin' it at me, I'm catchin' it Don't text me go check your b**h You don't wanna get me outta my element From a tenant into [?] order my residence Phones still clicking I feel like a receptionist Like I'm extra-terrestrial My life's a f**ing movie, boy don't get yourself edited I'm like Steph at the free-throw that piece blow, I never miss Taught your girl how to whip it good now she a lesbian You can level up, still won't be on my level then, that's level 10 These n***as hot, I must be kettle then They don't want the steam but I know you want the tea That's your b**h when she only f** with me, 'cause I'm ballin' MSG Roof missin' all this whippin' I need two kitchens f** the DA I ain't never been no school pidgeon Won't catch me in no club unless my tool get in Be smart cause bounce he a fool with it [?] say it's on, seven-eleven with it, that's 24/7 with it Wherever whenever with it Your momma gon' need a Church with a Reverand in it Just pray it's a heaven in it and hope that they let you in it Boy I expose the truth in guys, cross me and get crucified War's on, that bazooka rise, n***as get neutralized (Verse 2: Lil Wayne) Suicide, this is suicide Tell 'em seek and you will find 'cause Imma lose my mind Kick a n***a a** then give him my shoes to shine It's do or die, I come from where we used to crime The Uzi-9 more important than the school supplies The pools is dry, my n***as and the food is fried The news is lies The pigeons is to spook the fly The rules deny All the tuckers goons is mine, that's Tunechi slime They k** you ain't gon' do the time We unify, Young Money revolutionize The new design, we had to leave the flukes behind and super-size The numbers through the roof and sky Don't look, too surprised with the lines we makin' Moves and strides, groves and vibes I'm too alive These hoes need to be supervised, they put on a cute disguise you grooms is blind She get dick in the Uber ride, Number 2 with fries, I'm pimpin' Now who am I? I'm who and why, I'm rude and kind My cars a computer, rise I'm cruisin' by Smokin' blunts Rubin size You fools can try, these tools getting utilized, you euthanize Prrp, skrrt, shoot then drive, now who survive We comin' back to rewind I'm usually high, sippin' on a Houston wine Feel humanized, I want my throne to recline Jackie Red, Julie Blonde, they cuban fine, I bruise their spine I leave and they snooze till 9 Superglued to the grime, my crew my tribe These b**hes try to divide, we too defined Got the d** to provide the coolest highs The green is green and the white with the blue is ice The syrup in the juice collide, the two combine like suits and ties Magic, poof Goodbye

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