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Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage lyrics

Tracklist: 1. Safe House (Prod. by Maaly Raw & Don Cannon)
2. Banned From TV (Prod. by Charlie Heat)
3. Super Saiyan (Prod. by Slade Da Monsta)
4. 7 am (Prod. by DP Beatz)
5. Yamborghini Dream Feat. Young Thug (Prod. by TM88)
6. Right Now (Prod. by Sonny Digital)
7. Moist (Prod. by FKI)
8. Top (Prod. by Don Cannon)
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9. Queso Feat. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. by Tm88 & Wheezy)
10. All My Chains (Prod. by Slade Da Monsta)
11. Belly (Prod. by Dj Plugg & Bobby Kritikal)
12. Wit My Crew x 1987 (Prod. by FKI)
13. Nuyork Nights at 21 (Prod. by FKI)
14. Enemies (Prod. by Maaly Raw)
15. Ballin To The End (Prod. by V12 The Hitman)
16. Paradise (Prod. by Don Cannon) [Bonus] Album Art Back Cover

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