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Lil Uzi Vert - You Was Right lyrics

Hit it from the back watch a nigga bless you
Crying in my arms like a nigga wrecked you

Ya alright, alright, alright
You was right I was wrong
Ya I should've never ever took her home
Ya I should've just boned
Ya fantasy on my phone
Ya hit it from the back watch a nigga bless you
Ya crying in my arms like a nigga wrecked you
Talking about a broken heart running to the restroom

[Verse 1:]
Looked at my momma just like we rich
Looked at my bitch now we rich
Said we ain't got no minor setbacks
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Counting all that money told that nigga just to bet that
I know that you ain't got it boy why you ain't just say that
They see I got this money now his bitch like I said that
I don't pay that hoe no mind I been had that
When I saw my girl ya you know I had to bag that
And before me fuck niggas ya they had that
Five niggas in including me I had to back back
Try to diss me I take it to your family
I fuck your sister then make sure that she vanish

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Even though we in the same room
You just locked the door so I had to text you
Like bae unlock the door I got to use the restroom
Like I don't want to war want to caress you


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