Lil Uzi Vert - 53 lyrics

53 lyrics


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[Into: Lil Uzi Vert] Ha, yeah f** boy, b**h Ain't never had to do sh** (Oh lord!) But live luxury your whole life f** n***a [Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert] What the f** you done did (f** you done did) I got your main b**h all up in my bed (Goddamn) f** n***a Oh yeah, she up in my bed You want her back? Well, after 5 Cause that b**h be giving me head, f** boy Lil' Boosie a** fade, you ain't got no wave a** boy Still in the Yu-Gi-Oh trade a** boy (Weirdo!) You would probably catch them all, say it, a** boy (You would) You got what? A switch blade a** boy? (f*ggot) We got choppers, we got big gun a** boy (Big gun, gun) Forest, Forest, Forest, don't run a** boy (Don't run!) You ain't even from the slum a** boy (I ain't never seen you in my hood) We got money, I'm dancing Counting a million and one a** boy n***as talk like I ain't from north Philly Wanna go to war with me You and yo b**hes and y'all both drop and give a n***a 50 (Pause, wait get it? I gave him 50 to the back) Well, it don't even matter Yeah I'm in the trap ho (Trap! Trap!) Eatin' on the chink platter (damn) I'm tripping, but I ain't falling (No fall) Where yo money? Pull out some cash, f** n***a stop stalling (Stop stalling!) We out here ho, swear to god that we balling But I ain't talking Spalding (Well, I know you heard that line too many times) Yeah, I'm on, dumba** boy (Dumba** boy) I won, a** boy (Winning! Winning!) Oh you want some, a** boy? Look at him, look at him tryna be like me, he my son a** boy I go stupid a** boy, got your girl in love with me Call me Cupid a** boy (love me) I'm ruthless a** boy (I'm crazy as sh**) Your girl she love s**in' me, like she toothless a** boy And I ain't even done (I'm s**y as sh**!) Nope, what up Bud, what up Donald, what up Cannon n***a from the north But, sound like, young n***a from the south (Trap! Trap!) Won't play my songs, then OG Keep my name out your mouth (Real sh**) You can't duck and dodge a hip-hop conversation without Lil Uzi, Lil Uzi, Lil Uzi, swear to god industry be the groupie They ain't groupies, a lot of n***as be haters Sleep on me now, but don't try and win with me later (Winning!) Cause I take yo girl, take yo fans Shoot yo club up, and I k** yo mans I'm different with it, and I do sip lean I don't smoke no weed, I don't smoke no green I'm always off that promethazine (Water) I love codeine, I rap in a dream They say how you flow like that? Jock off my steez I got a Tec muthaf**er, sh** hold about 53 That's a awkward number, got a awkward stance Countin' money, that's the money dance, but If I let go of this 53, damn, that's a awkward man [Outro: Lil uzi Vert] And for you dumb mutherf**ers When I said when I let go of this 53 I said it was 53 bullets in the Tec and that sh** is a awkward a** number and I put 53 in him now he awkward cause I shot a-- Man, you get that sh** Y'all dumba** motherf**ers, Lil Uzi, let's get it

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