Lil Peep - Right here w/ horse head (prod. nedarb) lyrics

[Lil Peep]
Baby how you doin'
I know you're not doin' the best but I'm here I'll always be here
Tell me if you ever need me and call me if you feelin' alone
'Cuz I'm here I'll always right here
Tell me I'm dumb my love to get numb
And I know that I'm young but I'm still right here
I don't give a f** I love who I love and girl you're that one
So wait right here (gothboiclique) (x2)

[Horse Head]

Baby I'm leaving
I'm not taking anything but you
Picture us as gaping
In the background of the photo I see you
I remember the time
I remember hearts held together with twine
Just remember I am still right here
And if you tell me that's just fine
And when it comes clear
I will be waiting right here
Just tell me if you need me
And I will meet you right there (gothboiclique)

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