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Lil Nei - Ben Janklin lyrics

Ben Janklin, the mixtape here baby
I wasn't going to drop it, I just made seven songs
I'm like man f*** it, y'all can have this s*** man
I ain"t going to hold yall, man this my year man
Everybody get the f*** out the way shawty

[Hook: Lil Nei]
Work on in, work on out
Who want a ounce? Hit my glick phone
We smoking pounds of the big strong (x2)
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[Verse 1: Lil Nei]
Ben Janklin
Dope strong, dope stanking, maintaining
Coke sells, dope crank (x2)
Phone ringing,row slanging, bo-jangling
Big janking, dope banging
Pro aching, pro-paning
Lean janking, big clean whole pinting
Big ranking, big ship sanking
Aye, I'm big thinking
Big [?], big banking, big Ben Franklin
Baby, I'm big wanking
Work on in, work on out

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