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Lil Nei - Rockstar lyrics

That boy want a feature
Told em swipe his visa
Tell em nice to meet ya
I need ya I need ya
Pull up in that Beamer
LI LI Beamer
Send shots out the Beamer
Delete ya Delete ya
My cup really dirty
These bitches some birdies
Im up off the early
Tryna flip a birdie
I never had no worries
[?] look like cherries
I always keep a 30, a 30, a 30
Fresh up out the slamma
Did time for a hamma
Play games then I blam ya, blam ya, blam ya
Choppa body slam ya
50 round banana
Lean em tropicana
Smoke em like some cancer
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Get that boy a pamper
Im strapped like a camper
Bag em like im santa
Bad bitch from atlanta
Boot up with my nasua
I ain't gon hold ya
Bitch im like a soldier
Im home thought I told ya
I need me a eater
My ice out the freezer
Still trap off the beeper
500 a feature
Im ballin you the bleacher
Rugrat she a leaker
Think her name Tamesha , Iesha ,Nykesha
She ask me hit the reefer
Told her bye felicia
I dont fuck with geekers or sneakers i see ya
I wouldn't want to be ya
Good dope give me seizure
C moore this a teaser

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