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Lil Nei - Iggady (remix) lyrics

[Intro: Lil Nei]
**Gang gang, Gang gang, Gang GANG
** Ya'll already know how I'm rockin' on my mova

[Verse: Lil Nei]
I'm in the trap Diggady (urrgggh)
Ran off on the plug you know he got shit from me
I show no sympathy
If he come for me I'm bussin' that Gliggady (boom boom)
Shout out Bank Riggady (squad)
I just came home and I got lots of energy
Squad on that Giggady
I thought they forgot me but damn they remember me
I'm not even industry
I got lots of fans and I got lots of enemies (damn)
Your bitch really diggin' me
I know that she on me, I know that she feelin' me
That bitch get straight Dickady
I flip it then whip it then skeet on her Tiggadies (Damn)
It's just the pimp in me
You crazy you think you run up and you gettin' me
You gotta be shittin' me
30 chop on me it's shootin' infinity
I pull up infinity
I pull up hop out turn yo ass to a memory
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Wet pussy is slippery
She sucked and we fucked then I took her to Tiffany's (SIKE)
She won't get shit from me
She better be lucky she gettin' this Dickery
I came back a different me
These niggas so janky I swear they be killin' me
They keep stealin' my swiggady
They know that I'm on one, They know that I'm Friggady (damn)
My wrist lookin' slippery
My wrist presidential like my last name Kennedy
My diamonds glistening
I don't think you rap niggas really be listening
I'm about my Benjamins
I'm down for the cause gotta get it by any means
Smoke dope then sip the lean
Hit em' with the lean lean lean Ayyee
Lean lean lean ayyee
40 with the mean mean mean ayyee
I hit em' with the lean lean lean
Free lil trey bitch, free lil trey bitch
I smoke dope I'm drippery

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