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Lil Nei - FDB lyrics

[verse 1: Lil Nei]
Coka make a nigga lift his nose up
Pistol grip popped lip toes up 40 stop em 21 donuts (BOOM!)
Choppa split a nigga like a cold cut (Grrrrr!)
Rocket launcher have a nigga blowed up (rrrrrr)
Molly make a nigga wanna roll up (boot up)
I dont drink liquor make me throw up instead of pourin duece pour a four up (LEAN LEAN LEAN LEAN) whip flip flip whip whip god damn my wrist im in love with this bitch im on my bankroll shit pull up hop out mop stick grab my Glock quick
Up it on a opp bitch ballin......
Sike boy im broke as shit call the movin company i need to hit a lick if you know somethin let me know ill hit it quick its a hit or miss just like i hit your bitch cook, whip, flip make sure they finger lick 30s, 50s, tecs my chickens with the cooler kits leave you cool as shit coolin with my boshie bitch just hit the dope you stupid bitch (WOAHHH)
Can i hold a brick you ain't holdin shit better hold this dick
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Had to whip that shit had to take my time had to work my wrist
(hurricane wrist) had to mix that shit two birds one pie had to whip real quick had to pull a lil trick lil baking soda slick like rick
Nigga fuck dat bitch da da da da da da da da da da nigga suck my dick

[verse 2]
(ha ha ha ha ha) what it do main aye wait wait for you baby
Aye look free my niggas out the can 30 with the 40 im the man
Whip whip it fast like granny (ah woah)
Aye look fuck everybody imma do it look on my mova look look
Lil nei i got a rollie on my wrist just suck my dick a rollie on my shit ( hahaha)
Aye im done with that shit cuz my mova cuh im out you hear me (AYE!)

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