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Lil hawk boy - Scene lyrics

Where are we? Tree, is that you?

I'm outside by the slide, waiting for you
To turn off the light, so I can dilute
Your brain with the rain trapped under the moon
And deliver the pain of these slithering roots

See, I am the thing that lives by the creek
If you pass by, you might catch a peak
And if you see I, you better not freak
You better not hide, I live in a tree

And when the tree grieves
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Lungs cannot seize
Air like the roots, dirt's all that they breathe
The leaves will not leave
If the grass is too green
And the air will not dance if I die for the scene

Die for the scene X4

A leaf hit my line like let's die for the scene
Start on a stitch and step right through a seam
I live in a tree, now my vision too green
So I water myself, while you die for a meme

Die for the scene X4

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