Lil Durk - Make It Out lyrics

[Hook: Edai & Lil Durk]
They said I'd never make it out, I'd never make it out
It's like they kick you when you down, they kick you when you down
Throw my sh** up on momma my hits are heavy
I'm tryna make it out the streets they just don't let me
I'm just tryna make it out the streets they just don't let me
I'm tryna turn sh** up this sh** feels like I'm ready

[Verse 1: Edai]
See you can love the streets, but the streets don't love you back
I'm just chasing after money man, I'm just tryna win alot
If they get you then you're gone for sho, it ain't no coming back
Thats why I grind like I do you know, to turn a milli out this rap
Either you hustling or you hooping or you ride
I know some n***as that made millies selling crack
I lost some real n***as I can't get em back
And I will never ever ever turn my back
On my n***as it dontt matter what we went through in the past
Sometimes you gotta think about yourself and do what's best

Surround yourself of real n***as f** the rest
But it feels like there's no more real n***as left


[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
For my n***as ain't here I wanna drop to you
I hope bro come back from that pen
I'm being insane ain't been the same since my deal
These n***as fake but I'm re made real
Run up on that n***a take his face
And I love my bro I take that case
Bond 20k, I will make him wait
Why the f** do you b**h n***as they hate on me
Right now got this baby she laying right now
Kicking in that door I need the safe right now
Ain't nobody safe right now
And we ready, we don't box n***as, t'd up and I'm heavy
So let's get money with me now


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