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Lil Duke - Every Night lyrics

Yeah! 1017 dude
Real sh**, sicker
We bout that time [networkers]
Wat u gon do

I'm at the stage of ma life where I gotta do everything right
And I know i'm doing wrong every night
I'm on the road doing shows on the stage, every night
Different b**hes with me every night I ain't tryna wife
Just living ma life ma life, i'm just living ma life ma life
I'm just living ma life ma life
Every night every night

[Verse 1:]
I'm just living ma life day by day
All the tools that walk around man you gotta go and pray
Man you gotta have a good heart from the start and
Never stop play your cards right so play yo cards
We the future ima take all the [?]
This ain't la but them feds you gotta duck
They handing out license for a brick hard
I need a bad b**h with me i'm talking Niki Minaj
And I'm in a new whip with them fog lights
Whenever you pull up on yo friends they get all hype
I'm shooting dice all night with the homies
They say we at the top well it feeling kinda lonely
And they say I look cool, I reply i'm a shooting star
Dark a** shades on riding in a movie car
When I was young I always wanted to be a movie star
Now i'm the one all the groupies chase and they looking for

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[Verse 2:]
Yeah uhh ok now 2 cups of whatever
Jimmy choo sweater
Hop right off the stage then i'm back to making plays
I'm just living like a mother f**ing villain kicking pimping
All these b**hes f**ing with it cause they know the mob winning
I'm just saying what i'm saying and I ain't playing
She looking at ma pants I got the mof**ing best
I keep up off this weed I can't see you through these ray-bans
I never love a b**h but I really love my fans
Palm trees we visit around the country good weed
You know we sipping on good lean
Lil wayning “i ain't got no worries”
Good view the condo is 30 stories


[Verse 3:]
Like ma bro wizkid say I i got the vision
Straight I ain't with the k I got position
Cat in the bowl he just whipping he just whipping
Trap jumping like a drive-through serving popeye's chicken
sh** get real they gave ma partner 80 years
And still today i'm still crying baby tears
Free ma n***a key young from behind them bars
They ain't go like when we come through in them foreign cars
Can't forget ma cory, shaquan come home soon
We gonna switch streets up don't need a broom
Gotta make every play count everyday and we gon get a spot in
Every state


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