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(Verse) Im on a money hunt Money keep me from sleep You flash your money We running in whille you sleep We kicking doors ain't got time to go find a key Im on a move ain't no telling where ima be Kick your door in while you snorin an we in it till the morning Heads up we in yo town Better lock your door thats a warnin Got two hands but three guns Got the block hot like three suns Got a bad b**h with big buns She toteing that third gun k** n***as one by one This war b**h like the bull run Im winning in the long run Ima beast n***a King kong son Bullets have em runnin out At your door like boys scout They way these n***as snitchin you ain't a rat you a mighty mouse Shoot yo house an your dog house Take every thing, no doubt Day in an day out Im all in yo b**h mouth My n***as shooting like we in a gym Drown em in his blood n***a better swim My chain fat yo chain slim Ima call that b**h jim These cats dont play fair We move fast Thats a cheetah there I won't stop till im at the top Im tryna ball with a millionaire f** that sh** a billlionaire Throwing money every where Four n***as with a 90 clips Surround yo a** an make a square When i come better prepair Turn your school chair to your d**h chair These hoes can fade away These n***as can evaporate Kid nape you ,interrogate Now your hands shaking like a earthquake But you coward thats a milk shake Let me slow it down Ima take a brake

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