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Intro (Symphony N in G minor) Mozart Let me start this sh** with a vibrato I already started it from the bottom I do this sh** for my momma I do this for the n***as in the street getting shot up bout to put the end to the bark like it's autumn and I be in this game like snap snap was just a kid with a snap back use to love to talk back love to rap now I'm your favorite rapper now you hit me back I do this for the dreamers from where I live ,living a life my uncle never did,just a kid I don't have no good times to reminisce these n***as want my soul n***a here it is these n***as like SMH SMH when they see this I'm like I'm sorry you need some more hearing b**h I fear god and you fearing this, ya'll could't see this sh** cause I got this sierra mist I got the whole world what you carrying I'm a rapper,singer,and yo girl loved my last R and B fought for my way f** a pardon me I just gave the world every part of me and they say writing the sh** could ease a soul but things are't always sweet like a corner store all I do is tear my heart out for the n***as on 47th and 43rd screaming (we free)2 f** a umbilical cord but I'm still hungry and ya'll boys still nothing I can make some scratch sh** into a greatest hit this was't a overnight thing this a get yo a** to english sh** And I am fatigued but not tired still required with no wire I do this like every one of my dreams muy desire and there is no way in the second life I am seeing fire I do this for the city, god,and the messiah I remember on the cta no one wanted to sit by me now I got 80 missed calls from Tifinany,I am the greatest but I already had this epiphany I am so gifted I rap under the chimney like it is Christmas eve and all your dismay is my sunshine on a cloudy day It looks like a sound cloudy day when it is cold outside I spit and I make it blaze and I guess you say I am the f**ing greatest.........(like this is my part I listen to God speak)2......................................................................Real sh**

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