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Look...... My n***as get paid we bout to get paid at yo girls house I'm bout to get laid, she do'en crazy sh** 50 shades of grey,In the streets gotta AK you come down my block you bout to get slayed And f** the police ya'll always think it's me so I'ma be real I'm always smocking weed like it's medication so f** the five 0 and they regulations I gotta clip with me I'm in the kitchen and you Know that I'm whipping, I got two forty's and you know that I'm chugging I'm not a lady's man but yo girl yeah she love me on life the streets is religion yeah the streets is religion yup! I'm always on guard bullet windows on my f**ing car I walk down the street like a f**ing boss but I've sold more records then Rick Ross, and all ya'll b**hes at my knees they bow before the king I walk down the street like the man who can you walk down my block you getting roasted like Cannibals round a dead man, and yo time is slipping like quick sand I don't really give a f** bout what you said man,And my album on the market you still can't buy sh** from the super market I'm that n***a the deadliest target think I'm playing you must have just lost it you must be retarded the streets is religion ya'll could have the sidewalk Ya'll bark but no bite I make you girl my word that rhyme with bike, Yeah got the midas touch I fell the rush other rappers you getting crushed yeah yo getting crushed like an egg in a sk**et I'm kinda white but f** a pigment Your religion based of a pigeon, Mine is gang affiliated yeah and my rap hotter than f**ing Satan and you smaller than f**ing plankton I'm crazy cold and my blood tainted come out of nowhere like phantom now n***a all my songs they turn platinum now I should take it back some but ya'll complaining like b**hes at wedding fittings but I stick to the plan because the streets have always been religion been like this from day one micheal Jordan A.1, A.1 one cause I'm every b**hes go to so in a sense I'm A.1 but I'm brand new crush ya'll n***as like cashews telling all these hatters just f** you when you need cash don't expect me to come through

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