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Lil cmoneyc - The longest WORD ever lyrics

I alone is a phrase that is irrelevant either your in darkness or a shinny light either your naked or fully clothed either your with out or within you could be hatted or loved you could be in desert or in the water you could be imprisoned or in a quiet Sunday church you can be anything, anything but alone

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Is the world dim do you remember the last time you heard a hymn you remember the last time you ain't heard from it hurts to live in a world that keeps hurting but the wheel ain't stop I took a 940 turned it into a 1 thousand and 120 like this power come from above me was't born to be a bummy we jumped heavens gates just tell peter to call us bunnies all of our birthdays are belated got the cites souls burning even Satan said damn it's flaming and you know I am not playing

Cause this for the longest word ever we survived all of the weather Satan load felt was like a feather should've never gave me the feather like I take him by the horns by a leash and tell him that he knows better every time I write it's like I just got a letter ,Jesus got my priority seat I use to be like please keep it discrete but now I'm more holier than the pope and the priest Jesus weep Jesus weep for all the songs that I wrote I think I need a boat it's gonna float we funna float I hit the end as many times as I hit a note I walk through the fire with a coat, original unpredictable fixable lovable huggable creativeness exceeded all the expectations never followed the regulations but some how the jaw dropped of the whole nation and you still call it exaggeration I feel blessed for the generation and if you delete all the punctuation , It might seem like the LONGEST WORD EVER with spaces

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