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Lil cmoneyc - Taking over lyrics

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Never sweating,bitches act like that and I let em roasting these hoes steaming like kettle not giving a fuck and my soul is metal got these hoes tweaking on the radio my lyrics bleeping some lose it I keep it catch my lyrics read it and weep it my shit more fire than demons I say fuck fuck you and mean it I say fuck you with malice keeping up with me is a challenge snitch niggas get hit nigga too rich check the figures wait that was a sarcastic line no pay but I still bust a rhyme hatters come on my block and get declined but sooner or later ovioo is mine cause every word is your fav line you know why cause I'm taking over your time right now is over fucking too high I need a land rover out of this world fucking supa nova you know whats been on my mine lately these bitches always trying to hate me shoot ya'll dead I'm fucking crazy I'll shoot ya'll without without a bounty they about to put the greatest in the county cause I'm more crazy than El Chapo in the streets and I'm screaming fuck cops though and you better put me on death row ya'll looking at me like wow this a new low well it is if you just look at your cash flow don't give a fuck this the lil cmoneyc show so G.O.M.D or get kicked out the front door ya'll hatting cause I'm a tragedy I hate you with profanity ate you girl a lot gotta check my calories and I kill man got these bitches in circles like a ceel'en fan come up on the block for pure fun come up on yo block and see you run it's night but you think you see sun I'll give ya'll the cold shoulder that is how you know I'm taking over

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