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Lil cmoneyc - Take you back lyrics

f** a intro but I'll take you back to the beginning had a forever girl like my name was whitney gave so many gifts man she should've had a chimney on a scale of 1 to 10 she was a forty or fifty like damn had a n***a tripp'en take you back to the forty or fifty cause that's how much I was sipp'en we was in the math cla** I wanted her number and we were coefficients
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,like, damn I could reminisce on the reminiscing and I would do anything to touch down like I'm Jamis Winston but you would do anything to say you ain't f**ing with this ,GIRL!, I know I'm in your birthday wishes,GIRL!, I was sent here to fulfill all your birthday wishes like I'm the captain and I'm on a mission if anyone mess with your atmosphere I swear they gon cum up missing like damn I'mma real you in and you acting fishy 47th and Halsted and I know you miss me I came out of the darkness why you acting misty

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