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Now everybody from the put yo motherf**ing cups up and follow me look look ehab,zues,and lilcmoneyc took the world over and we straight balling and this rap sh** is my true calling feel like Kali muscle all day everyday hustle in the strets n***as don't mess with the and these b**hes acting feminem so what if I steal an intro from eminem just remember I'll k** your a** in June but be colder than December just remember even when I'm tired I spit fire they asking me to quit the bud and the sauce though but every time I'm in the studio it's arsenol all my hatters want ot jump in my foreign car though expect me to carry them around like precious cargo but I tell them hell no go home you slower than a autistic toad tell them hit road take the semi got the Mexicans on the uno clip 2 pm but you eclipts

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