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Lil cmoneyc - I'm up lyrics

I needed marijuana I needed a hotline bling but I had no phone to call where you niggas at when I came up with the come up you all up on my dick cause you know I got the commas kinda of like a prostitute I thought my old girl ws complicated I can't even process you not even a five hundred compact can keep track of how many times you doubted me now I got the fire in and I'm counting green, yeah nigga what's up I'm up, I'm up I'm up I'm up yeah nigga whats up I am got the Ben Franklins I ain'nt even lieing got yo girl on my dick and I ain'nt even trying that's ironic cause all my life I tried now with a smile I got a girl in vile but for most of my life it was never once in a while i'll try harder but fucking yo girl is a lifestyle, I know my shit wack I'm like eminem but I walked the 8 mile and back to chiraq to to my hometown now ya'll wanna spend a night in my home now now ya'll wanna roll now and smoke loud use to talk shit now all of a sudden we cool now wow ya'll low, shallow, act'en petty act'en like you never meet me whats up nigga I'm charged up right now I got bars right now you was't with me when I was in a slump now niggas all on me cause they know that I'm up. Damn sing he chorus with me

I'm up I'm up I'm up yeah nigga whats up I'm up I'm up I'm up I'm up Yeah nigga whats up I'm up ain'nt got no time for these chumps cause I'm finally up said Ain'nt got no time for these chumps cause I'm finally up yeah fuck a chorus and get straight to the verse in my life I took a u turn I'm different got the mula denero to pay this rent you not different not divergent you lame nigga probaly die a virgin I got the drink in me I just need some more gin I got three houses ain'nt gotta worry bout no mortgage and it's late night felling morbid she clam that I'm the father I don't need no more kids I denied them she said I was a disgrace she came to my door in her face She opened it up and said shut the fuck up I was done with that bitch but she had to get cut now she up, she dead I told that bitch to take her motherfucking Meds I told that bitch she was gonna catch some lead I told that bitch that this knife was't to tout now she know she got cut in the throat, She lucky I ain't pull the trigger one time for my day one niggas you was with me when my dreams were small now my reality bigger,....
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Damn I'm up like oprah I'm up like nikki but I'm up like real niggas I"m up like trump yup yah nigga whats up I'm up I'm up I'm up yah I'm up doing it for my home town I should be the king of it with my own crown I should shut up cause I'm up....................................................................................................................................................................................................................oh you thought that I was finished huh you you thought lil cmoneyc was't a original get off my dick you make me sick cause all you boys ain't getting none cause all my shit going to my day one you was't their on the first day don't sit their and act dismayed my only moto is to get paid I kill rappers they in the grave that's when I crave for another grave won't save them they ain't wanna be saved I said it once ain't got no time for these chumps I got the marijuana leaves you still got the motherfucking mumps,sup I'm in the drive through you making me a icee and a ice tea for me and my girl and you a bitch you make me hurl ,Damn you make me sick to the core if I'm a dog in a second life I would be sicing em more if you thought that I was done I got some more track yo girl a hore this a hore trap and I'm a zombie on the fucking trap, but I touched down in 01 I kill yo ass with no gun I got the drink in my cup do'en cheers with all of my day ones

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