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Lil cmoneyc - Homemade cooking lyrics

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Look to my right look to my left looks like ya'll already left looks like I'v done took'en yo check and ya'll asking how how I do it though cause I'm an outsider but I'm always in the studio latest greatest boots on the ground stepping on satan they wish me belated cause' everyday it seems my birthday gets celebrated this was't the end it's a new begging so damn young and I'm already winning while ya'll complaining we counting the paying do this on he daily winning so greatly do this on the daily we causing ya'll trouble two trophy's' in a day it's a daily double two places at a time don't need a stunt double the greatest one here went through the greatest trouble put in the work thank god that he keeps me humble and ya'll want to beef I prepare for the feast ya'll doing the least putting on shows like your first and last name is Steve Harvey ya'll don't know what ya'll got starting just had a full meal and I'm still starving man I look like I won 100 free parkings we done took the game and they still talking god got my ticket to internal joy cook county we be cooking boy we be cooking boy cook county we be cooking boy cook county we be cooking boy oh ya'll know that I never die ya'll know I'm still not satisfied chef boy why ya'll grillied and fried we never tie we never die bring yo self back of the line we D-rose in Chicago you just 25 new sherif in this, that's the county line

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