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Lil cmoneyc - Game over lyrics

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Why you gotta stunt and why you act so jealous why is it that every time I ask you you could never tell me I'm like your slave and you tried to sell you always see the negatives but ain't nothing wrong just like R kelly swear I can't even hang around with my family you acting like a hypocrite when you say you do yo thangs how I know you ain't turn around and fuck the whole gang tried to keep it low key but it just can't be tamed swear I need a side chick cause I thought you was a main you probably tried to mess with me just in vain swear girl why you gotta but me through all this pain that's why a week later you best friend told you how my dick taste you should've never put a love to waste now I gotta a hand on another girl waist you sould've never put me in last place we both got consequences that we gotta face you a small girl but a big mistake swear you a crash course should've got allstate now you want me back should've had more faith still try'en to beg but it's to late what we had is a wrap now I'm closing up the gate and you was all on me and now you trying to hate (BUT IT TO DAMN LATE)x 3(it's game over fuck a bad one in the back of my land rover I thank Jahovah cause I lost you and I'm sober)x3 oh man thank Jahovah amen you wanna talk but we ain't friends cause now I know go for the one in the soul who's a ten swear all you wanted was barbie and ken I wanted a ride or die Bonnie and Cylde we were kinda of like that cause our love was hard to find said things were to quick once again you was right cause I left your ass in a blink of an eye this is not for me this for the 60609 all day southside I'm crazy you was thinking that I was high once again you was right with the angels in the sky man I wish I loved you but that's a lie you betrayed me time after time not even confessing a crime now I'm eating the bread drinking the wine a week ago you was saying that I was fine now you're calling me swine that's why I gotta side chick actually nine how it fell to be burnt grilled and fried how it feel to be the last one left in line bet it feel like you caught a left and right now you sad that I left you right and you thought Iwa a birth right

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