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Lil cmoneyc - Critics TD's lyrics

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n***as want to know about myself but don't cause it's a living hell life about p**y money weed and rebellion cause I'm satan's favorite hellion critics want to fry me but I always hit them with why you always lieing, they wish that I was crying but I'm not you've been eating your hatter tots sonner or later your my maid so keep drinking your hateraid my intrest are k**ing n***as and ball and roasting critics yil they fall what makes me smile is yo girl on my dick making my child ye, ah I'm back police always want to attack critics want me on my back, not trying by myself crying think about why you always lieing I'm more intelligent then 125 that's apparently my IQ score n***as acting like dumb hore's they can get ran over by my four then ya'll can check the score I got ya'll on my mixtape exposed like prison rape ya'll mad cause ya'll got raped in the midday 21 way, you got rapped in the bright sun now you forever 21 b**hes wanna test my blood pressure rate let see what happen next time you hate eating ya'll n***as like yams and you was talking and I was urgin hw it feel to be virgin well besides the rape that you extremely hatted how it feel not to be touched before you still feel like a dirty hore. yeah indepent like a unicycle tire lil cmoneyc and my record is fire. to you hatters dismay this was made in one day

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