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Lil cmoneyc - Best song ever lyrics

I'm trying to write the best song ever, like I'm one direction thinking back it took all this work just to get some attention Ya'll probably don't know how it fells to be the best in the room and not to be mentioned had to take the long road with some extra extension man I've been working on this like Mendel but I always seem to end up with a backwards crescendo cause I loved this girl but she ain't want the friend zone she always loved to play games and I guess I was Nintendo, Man I did't know my worth these things get deep like the the core of the earth I got rejected so hard had to get off of the court, and went into the field and I know that you know that ya'll fell

(I can make the best song ever last forever I know it's the season cause' ya'll already weather)3
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Yo, what you know bout Chicago cause I know a lot bro there's been lot of people like you lot of people like two getting shot bro what you know bout living in a car though what you know bout rapping for the humble what you know bout going through a struggle what you know bout making hella fumbles what you know bout being on the come up bet ya'll want to sip what's inside of my cup like, this a 9 to 5 thing this is a god dream I am redefining everyone of my dreams it looks like the horizon but I'm steady rising, I'm steady shining I make it last forever best ballad ever was't trying to rhyme but It was pretty clever and I won't stop til I touch the hill cause ain't no way I'm going to hell and I won't stop til I make you fell

(I can make the best song ever last forever, I know it's the season cause they already weather)

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