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Lil cmoneyc - Back lyrics

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They say you ain't wrote non good in a while when yo raps start turning vile man ,talking bout you rap like a child man but all these hatters give me a smile man I love it when they wanna diss my style and all these hatters are so vital they can't take away my pride or my heavyweight title while ya'll treat it like a recital I got the house burnt up when I step on the mike though stay scottie I'm Micheal got'em cheering on site though and you know that I'm psycho and I do it on cycle got Jesus Christ on speed dial and god got me on the 20000th floor but the studio scorched ya'll want me pleading the fifth but I already know god opened the doors and he made my corridors and we gonna do it for sure tell me why it's so hard to even doubt anymore sometimes I think he left but apparently he ain't deaf now it ain't fair DQ get the ref

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