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Lil ceno - Be going lyrics

Sicko this a free mail baybee
Look im wayne all theese hoes
Be going you already know look

Lil trav thhese hoes be going fuck on anybody in town catch me in
Trafic see how a young hera roll
Roun my team towda you hear that bow bow bow sound we up on
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Ugie now you bitch wanna o me
Hate being sober i can't take it ready up say we just roll up
Sit back in yo seat then we get freaky my pockets extra cheesy say what you want but
My homies go blow ya why theese niggas hate on me they be acting homo catch yo ass
In the sto buying some balona sorry but yo ass is butter wit that baking soa its turnup time follow
Me all theese hoes they like my dance get them hoes up off of me rockin in my black berry cush on strong
I fall asleep hope dat nigga dont talk to me then we pop a molly i roll with eaters
Caught her on cheaters fuckin on the whole team dont make this beat go bust a ho

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