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Lia Marie Johnson - Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood Remix) lyrics

[Hook: Lia Marie Johnson]
Cause it's too cold
For you here and now
So let me hold
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

[Verse 1: Cal'lex]
I'm indulging in reality but stuck in a fantasy world, instead of leaving it
How about I invite you in and let you come and see this sh**
I'm the mad hatter, the strap backer, that's average
And I'm the maddest with loud laughter, you Alice

We can call it Wonderland, believing
That I'll take you to the heights of the Behemoth, till we seeing
The skyline, when I'm tryin', to secure position
In your fine mind, like Einstein, it's time to blur your vision

With the speed of either a wave of sound or a ray of light
That's the, sun, when it burns my eyes
I'm, asking to withhold your feelings
Cuz, you know it's hard to control your demons

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I don't care who's in your life, cuz, if you stay the night
We gon' end up doing everything you tell me that you like
And... you can't confide in my heart, cuz you know
That it's too...


[Verse 2: Lia Marie Johnson]
Use the sleeves of my sweater
Let's have an adventure
Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered
Touch my neck and I'll touch yours
I'm in those little high-waisted shorts, oh

He knows what I think about
And what I think about
One love, two mouths
One love, one house
No shirt, no blouse
Just us, you find out
Nothing that I wouldn't wanna tell you about, no


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