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Leek Jack - When you ask a girl how's she doing and she says lyrics

When you ask a girl how's she doing and she says "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND" but you didn't ask her that

So I walk pa** this girl today, I'm like how you doing?
She talking about, I got a boyfriend
Let me get this calculator out because this don't add up
I ain't ask you that but I understand, I got you, I got you

Ok, I asked you how you doing, but you answered kinda rude
I ain't ask about your boyfriend, so please fix that attitude
I was trying to be nice but then you started to spazz
I should call my sister phone so she could come beat your a**
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Look down at your face, you built just like a hammer
Your face look like a man, looking like Joanne the scammer
And your booty stink, smell like corn chips and some kidneys
Tell me why your nose stick out further than your titties
You not even cute, why your makeup look a mess?
Tell me why you rocking Jordans with that dingy a** dress
I wasn't trying to holla so I don't know what you thought
Especially with your teeth looking like you chewing on rocks
So have a nice day with that crooked a** tooth
And if your boyfriend have a problem, tell em he can ge it too
I go by Leek Jack, I see perfect through these lenses
So you better hope that I don't see your ugly a** again

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