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L'Avantgarde - Wet lyrics

gotta show appreciation once in a while
what better way then pleasure

(Chorus) x2
why you gonna make me wait x2
scared I'm gonna make you wet x2

(Verse one)
before we go under the sheets babe
can i touch your ass cheeks babe?
now I'm wondering why you so complete babe
watching you move, in my mind i got you on repeat babe
I'ma sweep you off your feet
i'ma be yours, take me
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i'ma be your x4
sex slave (hey)

(Chorus) x2

yeah, give me 100 percent and ill give you mine
20 percent of them legs
20 percent of that smile
30 percent of them beautiful eyes you use to look at me
another 30 percent of that laugh of yours, oh that laugh, oh that laugh
trigger to my love

(Guitar Solo/Bridge)


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