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L'Avantgarde - Trading Problems lyrics

(Verse one)
girl the way you think
those curvaceous hips
did more then heal all the scars I've had for a long time
I've been through it
i know the world is sick
you more then cured it when you came into my life
showed me new angles (hey)
now i can take off these nikes and put on these sandals
I'm free

when I'm trading problems with you
the only one to make my dreams come true
when I'm trading problems with you
while you around bad days will never be (haibo)

(verse two)
she said the way i kiss
the way i make her twitch (the way you twitch baby)
did more then make her feel like she's glad to be mine (I'm glad that you're mine)
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you've been through it
i know you've had men who hiss
i more then saved you with this bottle of this wine (this wine), this wine (this wine)
showed you new angles (hey)
now you can take off your high heels and put on these sandals
you're free

(break down)
you tell me
ill tell you
all of my confessions
you found me
i found you
thats our solvation

i need you to look at me the way you do so i can forget i ever felt unhappy
you need me to touch you the way that i do so you can remember the day that you knew you felt happy


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