Lauren Sanderson - Dear Universe lyrics

Dear Universe lyrics


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you know your kinda like the female g-easy the confidence of drake with the goofiness of weezy gimme a piece of paper and ill write sh** easy peezy no confusion, got a dream and ill achieve it lemon squeezy, yup. when i grow up i want a charger and a benzie i wake up everyday and work until the day endzie people come to me when their life is in a friendzie. if to you my visions blurry wipe your f**ing lenzie have no doubt the sh** i dream will truly happen feel it in my soul its like my conscience always have been see myself on stage its to a crowd ill be rapping i know in 19 but good god lets get it crackin' on the move everyday's a new location my life is kinda cool its like a constant vacation. girls in my DM's let me give you a quotation "yeah, i love you so much Lauren you're my inspiration." oh am i really god damn this sh** moves super fast getting work done cuz i don't care to finish last got a job, got a girl, yeah i gotta pa** which is exactly why i strive to make my future last. way to go baby fams always got my back even back at the house when all i did was slack even when i was going down the wrong path that's what happens when its mainly confidence you lack refuse to turn back right now all i see is forward all i see are dreams and goals that's all i move toward is my merch ordered? in size order? is my art bordered? am we getting warmer? is it my time? if not ill do it by myself don't wanna stand in line. if you want it you will get it draw the line cuz time don't stop for anybody i'm not wasting mine so from now on listen to your soul if you got so many dreams how come they never show? man its up to you that's all i know what you think you become that's how it goes the problem is you think its all a joke don't give into society i swear its all a hoax they tell you you're not beautiful an then they brag boast but your worth is not defined by the likes and sh** you post do the most everything you got an more there's so much more to life take a second to explore your minding all your thoughts f** its really not a chore sit down with a journal get a pen and let it pour, yeah yeah, cuz how you think this song was made? think about it really think before you throw me shade i'm just a normal kid living life cant complain i got a little knowledge trust me when i say stay positive and stay you everyday when you're positive the negatives fade away happens when you change your mind in every way listen to my words let them sink in and pray dear universe let me tell you about my day nothings working swear its not that's what you'll say my life's going wrong and to my dismay i cant find happiness but when i do it never stays my boyfriends been cheatin' gettin' laid plus i lost my job now i'm not gettin' paid i bend backwards just to make the good stay then the sadness comes and it never goes away i tried everything drinking, smoking nothin' works tell me why all i ever seem to do is hurt whys this happening universe you hear my thoughts? cuz honestly at this point they're really all i got its worth a shot please someone do you hear me i know you're there god please someone do you feel me need some good thoughts and energy near me say thank you and sign your name. sincerely the universe around you when you share your voice but he needs all your attention so clear the noise he'll tell you happys not a destination its a choice no direction don't wait for him to f**in' point its up to you you decide with every glance you take good or bad its a decision you gotta make is it really that deep ask yourself and wait can i help the situation or wont it change guess you'll never know cuz you never do it you see a problem and you give up 'nah man screw it' you're in a constant battle but ill help you through it if your willing start fresh like a f**ing tourist when this song ends really think about your life i have faith in you take my words as advice you are beautiful and everything will be alright make the change you wanna see all doubts aside. [Lauren talking] that sh** was f**ing long as f**. well long story short like the people who try to bring you down are already below you. just do you. f** it. bye.

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