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Lars Bryant - Looking For God lyrics

I been looking for god, every where
In the church, under pews
On the news
In the books
Since they took him out the school
We learn to pray to who
Say my grace to who

I pay my tithes, to the homeless
A nine to five, no promotion

More devotion
We the hopeless
A weeks revival, can't postpone it
The ends approaching

I'm just hopen
He knows my heart, and not my thoughts
A product of environment, it not my fault
Got me riden round town
Wit a strap in my lap and pump in the trunk

Praying that i don't end up
In the front wit lump in my skull
(bow! bow!)

I been looking for god every where
In my whip, in my job, in crib
Wheres the love, its all i need to live
Growing up its all you need to hear

I been feeling the furthest from fear
In due time all, the hurt seems to heal
I just pray that i live long enough to
See gods wrath, if any person interferes

I don't think nobody really knows the thruth
I think we all wanna leave and hope it true
Don't nobody really care when lifes all gone unless its a
Person close to you

Even then does it mean the most to you
We go numb from the thing shown on the news
I might hear bout a murder and laugh it off
10 years ago wouldn't've laughed at all

Pastor said its the signs of the times
As he laid hands on sista marys thigh
Who do you trust, when the churches are disguised
Snake eyes in every paradise

I don't shine with no ordinary light
See my truth, even through night
Until yo third eye is loosing sight
Police want us to keep it moving right

Afriad that we loitering
Ordering, us to, face the ground
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Check our pockets, taste the grounds
Cuff our hands, misspronouce
All our names, to keep us down

And we supposed to, follow rules follow laws
Respect the badge, and the flaws
Get shot, go to court, white jury loose at that
Now you surprised that we shooting back
I been looking for god, every where
In my dreams, in my streets, in my queen
In my mind, in my heart, in my home
In my mirror, in my eyes, in my soul

I see him smile, in her smile
I feel his touch, through a breeze
See him wave, in those trees
Hear his voice in these beats
Hear god speak to me

And he told me that, we'll be the kings
He told me so, be sure that you, let'em know

And at the end of the day love is all we need
And keep him first, above the things

He watches over me
Protection when it's only me
And the main line, to obtain hopes and dreams
And some of them won't see the profit at all
Like tryna live above ya means

I been seeing god every where
In side of you, inside of me, in the youth
In the streets, in the booth
To run head first, and take on this industry

By any means, take the game
Gain some and fans
And make new enemies
Cuz nobody's really gonna get it, like them fools getting 10 a key

This that voltage for the chosen
I'll be out spoken
For the voiceless

Got me feeling like moses, saw his staff turn serpet
I done found my purpose

I can expound that further
The world needs more of this, less of that
Better this better that

See a burden carry that
Will i quit neva that

Make plan, watch the plot
Even the odds
And this world is all mine
So what did you find when you went looking for god

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