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Larry - What? lyrics

I was talking in my sleep, she said
Taking pictures making faces
Gone lost and incomplete
Walking quiet down the street, wasted
Searching far and finding nothing
But graves of living meat
So where is the joy in living
When the hours pass me by

What a shame to blame or feel such pain
Through laughing eyes (what a shame)
There ain't no one to blame but yourself
You see you inhale the air into the tube
You breath in deeply and
Then stare into the hues of blue
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Prepare yourself for what you want

Readiness to make it happen
Find your dream seize it, grasp it
We've let illusion cause confusion
That which we once knew is no longer true
Is it good or bad to let go of what you never had

Or what's no longer you
Mysterious, all delirious, incomprehensible
My life is not what I once thought
A dim reflection of another life that I'm glad I lost
Beat down by others Larry has fought
For what we thought we wanted
But we had it anyway

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