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Larry - Ringing in my Head lyrics


Ringing in my head voices ringing in my head X 4


Hold up theres a call gotta pick up
Might be my friend cus he said he will link up
Oh wait no this numbers so strange
I never do this but i pick up anyways
Who's calling me who's on the line
I can't really say ur a friend of mine
But its high time i know cus i picked up my line
And i hope u didn't call just to waste my time

Hold up for a minute
Lemme try to pick it
I know this voice His the giver of the blessing
Everybody singing every body will be dancing
Im so glad u called
Im so glad u show me love
Im so glad i hear ur voice
Nowadays i stand up tall
Ill always pick my masters call

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Its a fact that u care about me oh yea
Praise u day and night even in my sleep oh yea
I picked up
Heard his his voice
It my lord
Jesus Christ
Told my friends
We turned up
Everyday oh yeaaaaaa

Its his voice i wanna hear, its his voice i wanna know its his that should be ringing in my head X2

Eyh eyh eyh eyh, eyh eyh ringing in my head X2

In my head
Ringing ringing in my head
See the voices in my head
Voices ringing in my head uh
Voices in my head
Voices ringing in my head uh
Voices in my head
Voices ringing in my head

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