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Larry - Right Here Right Now lyrics

[verse 1]
I'm the fucking best and my hubris is extreme as hell
Show me what you're made of baby, this shit is a show and tell
Impressing the clientele
Cause when I put out music then yo speakers just bout loud as hell
Killing every beat I'm on I wonder why I'm not in jail
I am fucking awesome now I'm asking why I don't get girls
Imma keep on working bro
Watch me fucking blow
Tryna get the number but I doubt that she would fucking go
I ain't got no game but I be playing, what the fuck you on
I might not have the looks but yeah the cash dude I got plenty yo, it never comes and goes
See you looking for the best, I'm the best right here and the best right now
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[verse 2]
Playtimes over when I'm 6feet under, that's the truth
This is OMG I can't, better get a clue, this shit is jumping, blood is pumping, gotchu in a grove
People thinking I won't make it but who's making moves
15, hella mean, wearing skinny jeans
Apothecary flow, now you're a fucking fiend
Shout that nigga cam for bout everything
Yeah this shit is hella slapping, got you moving, right?
Yeah these drums be hella tapping, and my flow is nice
Yeah this beat is tight
Boy I'm such a site
Handing me success I better take a bite
Larry on the beat he treat you hella right!

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