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Larry - Right Here Right Now lyrics

[verse 1]
I'm the f**ing best and my hubris is extreme as hell
Show me what you're made of baby, this sh** is a show and tell
Impressing the clientele
Cause when I put out music then yo speakers just bout loud as hell
k**ing every beat I'm on I wonder why I'm not in jail
I am f**ing awesome now I'm asking why I don't get girls
Imma keep on working bro
Watch me f**ing blow
Tryna get the number but I doubt that she would f**ing go
I ain't got no game but I be playing, what the f** you on
I might not have the looks but yeah the cash dude I got plenty yo, it never comes and goes
See you looking for the best, I'm the best right here and the best right now
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[verse 2]
Playtimes over when I'm 6feet under, that's the truth
This is OMG I can't, better get a clue, this sh** is jumping, blood is pumping, gotchu in a grove
People thinking I won't make it but who's making moves
15, hella mean, wearing skinny jeans
Apothecary flow, now you're a f**ing fiend
Shout that n***a cam for bout everything
Yeah this sh** is hella slapping, got you moving, right?
Yeah these drums be hella tapping, and my flow is nice
Yeah this beat is tight
Boy I'm such a site
Handing me success I better take a bite
Larry on the beat he treat you hella right!

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