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Larry - Nobody Knows lyrics

Edex Verse: (rap)

Tomorrow never dies as long as time flies
Tomorrow never dies cus my saviour is alive
Uh back then
My mother used to say no one knows tomorrow cus the days cus they r not the same

Nobody believe us
Hating when they see us
My track is on repeat now cus they wanna hear us
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Damn larry this people just dey feel us
Glory to the most high my hope is built on Jesus
No one knows the tears that i shed for many years
The sacrifice i made , you can barely see the sprains
No one knew my name
I was in the rain
Can't go back again never
My time to shine now mans be getting bigger
For me to hit the diamond i had to dig deeper
My minds on my goals and nothing else hindered
I had to talk less act more Hallelujah!!

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