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Larry - No Name lyrics

[Larry: It's Larry]

[Verse 1: Larry]

[Verse 2: Thommyboy]
Never really knowin' which way the flowin' be goin but knowin I got another hunny blowin and token
And I'm ripping the track the way I be punching and kickin I'm blowin open to be sewin (Yeah)
Gotta keep growin they say I'm goin in my zone an, it's
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An iminant attack on the rap game everybody lookin for a single person to blame
And I point one back, the one between the index and the ring can't be tamed insane in the brain fame in the lane know one thing I'm sane a sprain sustained in the rain while climbing outta restraints the pain ain't the same we all playing the same game
And I'm paving the way to a faking mother fucker I'm taking and baking getting so much money knees are quakin
And I'm simply fazing and tazing leaving like I'm phasing
Listen to these words that I'm saying
Five years I'll blow then hell im finna be raising in a simple generation with the fountain of youth that I be grazing craving colaboration with L-O-G-I-C a milli coming to get me
Like Elvis in the 50's Lee Harvey in the 60's these words I be twisting resisting friction to be clicking
Give you mother fuckers a gripping story
In order to get lifted to the ticking get lifted to the sipping I'm whipping and stripping the game when I show up see y'all at the top of the charts when I blow up

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